Services location


This map shows where and how Housing First is currently being used in England*. Please note, this is for information only and not for referral purposes. If you would like your service to be added to the map, please email:

To keep up to date with jobs in Housing First projects, please take a look at the Homeless Link website: 

*While we believe these services to be adhering to the principles of Housing First, the information is self-reported.

Services location


Services location

  • Homeless Link - Housing First England Project

    City of London
    Since 2016

    We are the national membership charity for organisations working directly with people who become homeless in England. We work to make services better and campaign for policy change that will help end homelessness.

  • Thurrock Housing First

    Since 2016

    Service provider: St Mungo’s
    Funded by: Local Authority (adult social care, public health and housing)
    Accommodation used: Social housing 

  • Riverside Newbury First

    North West
    Since 2016

    Service provider: Riverside
    Funded by: Local Authority
    Accommodation used: Provider's own housing