Services location


This map shows where and how Housing First is currently being used in England*. Please note, this is for information only and not for referral purposes. If you would like your service to be added to the map, please email: 

To keep up to date with jobs in Housing First projects, please take a look at the Homeless Link website: 

*While we believe these services to be adhering to the principles of Housing First, the information is self-reported.

Services location


Services location

  • Thurrock Housing First

    Since 2016

    Service provider: St Mungo’s
    Funded by: Local Authority (adult social care, public health and housing)
    Accommodation used: Social housing 

  • Riverside Newbury First

    North West
    Since 2016

    Service provider: Riverside
    Funded by: Local Authority
    Accommodation used: Provider's own housing