Services location


This map shows where and how Housing First is currently being used in England*. Please note, this is for information only and not for referral purposes. If you would like your service to be added to the map, please email:

To keep up to date with jobs in Housing First projects, please take a look at the Homeless Link website: 

*While we believe these services to be adhering to the principles of Housing First, the information is self-reported.

Services location


Services location

  • Housing First Newham

    London Borough of Redbridge
  • Housing First Bath and North East Somerset

    South West
    November 2018

    Housing Type: Social

    Funded by: St Johns, B&NES Council, MHCLG

    Capacity of Service 13

  • Encompass Southwest Housing First Project

    North Devon and Torridge
    South West
    April 2018

    Housing type: Private let and social housing
    Funded by: Local Authority, CCG, Adult Social Care, Devon & Cornwall Police, Nationwide Bank and other small grants
    Capacity of service: 10

  • Housing First Swindon

    South West

    Housing type: PRS, PSL, Social Housing
    Funded by: Rough Sleeper Initiative Funding
    Capacity of service: 21

  • Medway Housing First

    South East
    2 July 2018

    Housing type: Social Housing – provided by MHS and Medway Council 
    Funded by: Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government 
    Capacity of service: 8


  • Solace Women’s Aid Housing First (Islington) Project

    June 2018

    Provider: Solace Women’s Aid
    Housing type: PRS/social housing
    Funded by: Fulfilling Lives Islington and Camden (Big Lottery Fund)
    Capacity of service: 5

  • Housing First Bradford

    Yorkshire & Humberside
    August 2018

    Service provider: The Bridge Project
    Funded by: Local Authority
    Accommodation used: Mixed Private Rented & Register Provider

  • Tower Hamlets Housing First

    Tower Hamlets
    September 2018

    Service provider: St Mungo's 
    Funded by: Tower Hamlets Council and Tower Hamlets Drug and Alcohol Action
    Accommodation used: Social housing 

  • Islington SHP Housing First

  • Housing First Walsall

    West Midlands
    27 November 2017

    Service provider: Fry Accord
    Funded by: Walsall MBC
    Accommodation used: RSL