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Housing First: it's all about relationships

On 19 September, Housing First England published two new pieces of research, which indicate that relationships really do sit at the core of Housing First.

“The thing that makes the difference in Housing First is how the people involved relate to and work with each other."

Sometimes we wonder if the term Housing First is fit for purpose or just a bit of a problem! It is often misinterpreted, which leads some to avoid the approach entirely seeing it as too risky and others to rush into providing tenancies to vulnerable people who might then be left wondering why it is not be working out as the evidence suggests it should.

The truth is, while finding a home is prioritised before other needs are addressed, it is not really the first step of the intervention and it certainly is not the only contributor to success. As our new research into redsident support journeys and the impact of Housing First on communities clearly indicates, relationships are key. Read the full blog or download the research.

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