Our research

Our research

Homeless Link’s Housing First England research programme is designed to learn directly from services about how Housing First operates in England. We are using this new evidence to continue to develop services, to strengthen the relationship between these providers and the related services working with them to support residents, and to ensure that Housing First is a viable option for all those that need it. 

Current research

Reducing, changing or ending Housing First support

We have commissioned Imogen Blood & Associates and the University of York to undertake research into effective ways for Housing First services to respond when someone's support needs change. This might be because the model is no longer suitable for them, or because they feel sufficiently settled to step down the support.

The research will explore the processes and discussions that occur at this point in people’s journeys through Housing First. How is change is managed? How do people feel about the experience of reducing, changing or ending the support they receive from the Housing First service? What enables this to happen positively, and in line with the Housing First principles? What makes this difficult?

We intend that the findings will help build an evidence base to support us in understanding this emerging area of practice, and ensure the best outcomes for individuals using Housing First. The research will be published later this year.

Building outcomes for Housing First

This project will work with a small group of Housing First providers to develop a tool that can be used to capture outcomes for Housing First in a unified way. The aim is that the tool can be incorporated within services' existing operations, benefiting those that do not have additional resources to fund an evaluation.

If you would like to find out more about our research, please contact Alex Smith.

Published research

On 3 December 2020 we published our Picture of Housing First in England 2020 research, which outlines current provision and explores variation in delivery of the approach, updating a similar survey from 2017. The headline infographic report and full report are available to download below, along with the 2017 findings.

Other recently published research includes a briefing exploring the relationship between social landlords and Housing First, with an appendix on the use of Specified Accommodation Status, and an investigation into resident support journeys. These are available to download below.

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