Our research

Our research

Homeless Link’s Housing First England research programme is designed to learn directly from services about how Housing First operates in England. We are using this new evidence to continue to develop Housing First services, to strengthen the relationship between these services and the related services working with them to support residents, and to ensure that Housing First is a viable option for all those that need it. 

Current research

1. Building outcomes for Housing First

This project will work with a small group of Housing First providers to develop a tool that can be used to capture outcomes for Housing First in a unified way. The aim is that the tool can be incorporated within services' existing operations, benefiting those that do not have additional resources to fund an evaluation.

2. Arrears and anti-social behaviour

This project involves working with landlords to capture data on the financial and operational impact of dealing with arrears and anti-social behaviour associated with Housing First residents, and provide a comparison with the wider population.

3. The Picture of Housing First in England 2020

This research will update the data collected in the first Picture of Housing First research, published in 2018. It will provide an updated overview of the sector, including service capacity, profile of residents supported and the make-up of services.

If you would like to get involved in any of this research, or to know more, please contact Research Manager Debra Hertzberg.

Published research

Our recently published research includes an investigation into resident support journeys, a study on the impact that Housing First has on communities and a report on understanding the cost effectiveness of Housing First. These are available to download below.

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