The real impact of Housing First can be discovered in the stories of the people benefitting from these services. It is important that professionals from across the homelessness and related sectors hear - in residents' own words - how the approach has made a difference to their lives, and successfully supported them to move away from homelessness. This selection of residents' stories and videos will be added to over time.

  • Patrick's story

    Patrick had a history of drinking and getting in to trouble and had stayed in several hostels in London. Now he is being supported by St Mungo's Camden Housing First. He is being encouraged to follow his interests and feels happier and more confident. (Video)

  • Aly's story

    Aly Davies, Manager of St Mungo's Housing First service in Camden, shares her thoughts on why Housing First works and how her service is successfully supporting its clients. (Video)

  • Brian's story

    Brian Matthews, Housing Commissioning and Partnership Manager at Camden Council, talks about why the Council is funding a St Mungo's Housing First service in the Borough. (Video)

  • Usama's story

    Usama Arman talks about Origin Housing's involvement in St Mungo's Camden Housing First, and the benefits he feels landlords receive by partnering with a Housing First provider. (Video)

  • Sam's story

    Sam suffers from unconditional epliepsy. She went from sleeping rough to living in a caravan with no facilites, and 2019 she was offered Housing First support by Two Saints. Having her own home was an amazing change and gave her hope. (Video)

  • Luke's story

    Luke had alcohol misuse issues and experienced periods of sleeping on the streets. Since July 2016, he has been successfully housed by Emerging Futures.


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