The real impact of Housing First can be discovered in the stories of the people benefitting from these services. It is important that professionals from across the homelessness and related sectors hear - in residents' own words - how the approach has made a difference to their lives, and successfully supported them to move away from homelessness. This selection of residents' stories and videos will be added to over time.

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    Michelle's Story: The Seven Principles of Housing First

    Homeless Link and Homeless Network Scotland have created a new animation to explain the principles behind the Housing First approach.

    The animation follows the story of Michelle, from her first night sleeping rough, to being housed through Housing First and all the highs and lows in-between. It’s based on true events and is voiced by former Emmerdale actress Charlie Hardwick.


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    Tristan's story

    Tristan was trapped in a vicious circle of addiction and homelessness. Watch this video, put together by The Golden Key service in Bristol, to hear him tell his story and how Housing First changed his life. 

  • The story of Housing First in Greater Manchester

    Since 2018, Greater Manchester has been one of three areas running government funded Housing First pilots. This video shows the amazing progress of the service and the impact it has had on some of the people involved. 

  • Tim's story

    Tim shares his journey from becoming homeless and experiencing a lonely life on the streets, to being supported by SHP's Islington Housing First team, and the hope and motivation this has given him.

  • Ben's and Rose's stories

    Ben shares his experiences as a peer mentor with Expert Citizens' Housing First service in Stoke, including how he has benefited from this volunteering opportunity. Rose, a mentee, describes the clear advantages to having a peer mentor and what she has been able to accomplish as a result. (Video)

  • Liana's and Malcolm's stories

    Liana and Malcolm are being supported by Hightown's Housing First service in Hertfordshire to rebuild their lives and pursue goals and opportunities. (Video)


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