Ben's and Rose's stories

Ben's and Rose's stories

Expert Citizens: Ben and Rose

Housing First Stoke started in July 2018 as a partnership between Brighter Futures, Expert Citizens CIC and Concrete. Expert Citizens CIC are a lived experience group who provide, train and support peer mentors, and we also evaluate the service to look at ways to improve it. We are able to do this by using our own lived experience, being peer mentors ourselves, and by completing a peer mentor level 3 qaulification that we co-designed with our local university.

Before COVID-19, peer mentors would go out shadowing with our service coordinators to meet our customers, and it was then a peer mentor would strike up an organic rapport. When this happens the service coordinator would ask their customer if they would like that person to be their peer mentor and explain what that involves: that they are there as a positive role model to encourage their aspirations and goals - this could be anything from going the cinema to starting a college course or going the gym.

Currently we have 8 peer mentors.

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